One thing that’s very noticeable about athletes, they have a will to compete. Doesn’t matter if it’s just walking the dog or training for a triathlon, athletes find away to compete either with themselves or other athletes. What we have also found to be true in every situation is they way elite athletes train and how weekend warriors train. Elite athletes view themselves as a machine. Elite athletes treat their body like a well built machine. They protect it they nurture it and they invest in it. They invest in good foods, they consult with athletic trainers. They follow a nutritional protocol developed by a nutritionist. They detox the body every 25 days. They are Elite because they do things a little different from an amateur athlete.

The VERY last thing an amateur athlete will EVER do is take nutrition seriously. An amateur athlete will research the latest running shoes and will do extensive research for the best priced wrist watch with satellite GPS and that cool heart rate monitor upgrade but what about researching the best foods and herbs to aid your breathing? That will only happen if that article happens to be near the advertisement for the latest app that posts your info to Facbook.

Elite athletes know about minerals and what food will replace the number one mineral all athletes are deficient in after a hard workout.  

HEY quick what’s the best running shoe brand on the market ….see that one you can do …but ………….How do we feed the machine? ……that one we just leave up the fancy advertisement in the cool running magazine that all elite runners and triathletes buy.

QUESTION: Have you ever pushed yourself so hard in a competition that you became sick the day after the race and continued to be sick for almost a week? How about the night before the big race have you ever mysteriously got sick? That’s because you compromised your immune system by stressing yourself out. If you don’t take your nutrition seriously then sure it only makes sense that you are going to be sick.

If you are not building the machine, Protecting the machine, removing stress toxins from the machine, Replenishing the trace minerals and vitamins of the machine DAILY then you are going to get injured its just that simple

What does every athlete need to concentrate on?

    Managing pain
    Positive mental attitude
    Removing stress and toxins from the body.


The Runners Edge Herbal Bundle addresses every one of those listed items through nutrition and herbs. PLUS we add a few ingredients that even the cool magazines say you should buy! In addition you will also receive with your order a daily smoothie recipe that should last you a few weeks until you get the hang of it yourself.

 WE know the answers to the questions we asked earlier ………so lets just say we make sure you put those elements in your mouth daily in a smoothie with about a teaspoon of your herbal bundle.

What we promise: 

Your stamina will be increased
Your times will get better
Your injuries will heal much faster
Your breathing will become stronger
Your ability to manage anxiety will become much better.
Your body will recover faster than ever before.
Your body mass will become leaner.

You will become a better athlete just by adding this herbal mix/nutritional smoothie program in your daily regiment. Guaranteed or your money back.

You can still drink you recovery drinks after your work out!

You can still have your cake and eat it too!!

“I have seen perennial 5Krs turn into marathoners in just one year when nutrition becomes the priority not the after thought.”


TODAY…….what the hell are you waiting for?
A new you to come along…….NO ……YOU GOTTA MAKE A NEW YOU!

LET’S GO !!!


Coconut Oil 1 teaspoon
Handful of almonds
½ teaspoon of Chi Seeds
½ Hemp Protein powder
One cured apple
Handful of blueberry's
Few slices of pineapples
Slice of a beet
Half a cup Orange Juice
Teaspoon of your Herbal Bundle


Bundle of Herbs

Each herb is individually sealed and packed separately by the oz
This is a saving of roughly $200-$450 depending on the herbal supplier if you were to buy each herbal powder by the pound.
This is a very affordable way to sample the herbs and see if you like them.

Recommendation: When you receive the bundle please personally test each herb individually. Just place a pinch on the tip of your tongue and wait for an allergic reaction if no allergic reaction occurs then you may mix all the herbs together in the foil bag enclosed with your order.
Just a teaspoon per day in your daily smoothie is all you need.


Kelp Powder
Psyllium Seed Powder
Aloe Vera Powder
run Fenugreek Powder
Red Reishi Mushroom Powder
Shark Cartilage Powder
Whey Protein Isolate
L – Glutamine Powder
Guarana Powder
Rhodiola Powder
Eleuthero Root power
Glucosamine Powder
Ashwagandha Powder
St. Johns Wort Powder
Rose Mary Powder
Chlorella Powder
Spirulina Powder
Wheat Grass powder
Pumpkin Seed Powder
Jiaogulan herb powder
Fo-Ti root Powder

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