Testosterone and Aging

At some point in time a man starts to realize that he’s not the same man he was at 25. When a man attains the ages of 35 - 40 for example something called male wellness comes into play. Men reach their peak testosterone levels in their teens or 20s, per the Mayo Clinic. By the time you reach 30, the amount of testosterone in your body will begin to decline, with a roughly 1 percent drop each year. After age 50, your rate of testosterone loss increases, HealthCommunities.com reports, and by the time you reach 80, your testosterone levels might be only 20 percent to 50 percent of those you experienced at your peak.

Men are still men they will always be warriors and competitors – they will always be “that guy” but what happens when that guy can’t perform like he did 3-10 years ago? Well that guy either takes a little blue pill or he figures out that a lifestyle change is necessary.
Changes a man must make if his libido/testosterone levels have dropped.

1. Exercise
2. Diet change
3. Discipline
4. Supplements
5. Find a mentor

Symptoms of libido levels becoming lower - his prostate maybe at risk, his vision is starting to get worse, his weight gain has most likely increased, his hair is thinning, his recovery time from physical labor becomes longer and longer, concentration problems/forgetful, it’s very possible that his confidence levels have plummeted.

What’s the simplest way to get your old self back on the map and start to become "That Guy"

ANSWER: start putting fruits and vegetables in a blender and add a few pinches of the herbs below. Search the internet, google all you want, all you are going to find is the herbs below in that mix are the answer to getting the old you back and a continued roadmap of success for male wellness.

Bundle of Herbs

1-3 month supply of each herb is .34 oz Total weight 4.50 oz
4-8 month supply each herb is .75-78 oz Total weight 1 pound
Each herb is individually sealed and packed separately by the oz
This is a saving of roughly $200-$450 depending on the herbal supplier if you were to buy each herbal powder by the pound.
This is a very affordable way to sample the herbal powders and see if you like them.

Recommendation: When you receive the bundle please personally test each herb individually. Just place a pinch on the tip of your tongue and wait for an allergic reaction if no allergic reaction occurs then you may mix all the herbs together in the foil bag enclosed with your order. Just a teaspoon per day in your daily smoothie is all you need.


• ½ cup pineapple
•1 apple
•3 tablespoons of coconut milk
•1 banana
•1 orange
•2 tablespoons Aloe Vera Juice
•1. cup of Kale
•Honey large teaspoon
•Teaspoon of Herbal Bundle

Example: TEA

• Loose white tea leaves 3 pinches
• Loose Rose Hip tea leaves one pinch
• Some honey
• A pinch of your Herbal Bundle

List of herbs

Maca Root Powder
Catuaba bark powder
Horny Goat Weed Powder
Eleuthero root powder
Saw Palmetto Powder
Gingko Biloba Powder
Ashwagandha Powder
Fo Ti Powder
Tongkat Ali
Yohimbe bark powder
Rosemary Powder
Billberry Powder
Suma powder
Glyconutrients THE 8 Essential Sugars

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